2021 Scholarship Winners

Eric Donley

Eric is currently attending VCU’s School of Medicine studying to become a physician. Living out his passion for people, he has worked as a firefighter and an instructor for the American Heart Association teaching courses in first-aid and life support. Eric also enjoys volunteering his time with his dog Georgia by visiting staff and patients at VCU Medical Center.

Lindsey Elam

Lindsey is a passionate Architectural Engineering student at Pennsylvania State University where she volunteers as a mentor to incoming students. In the last year, Lindsey also volunteered at the Chesterfield Food Bank where she worked to help make a difference in the lives of those in her community that were impacted by COVID-19.

Meagan Hamilton

Meagan is a graduate of James River High School with a passion for fashion. Understanding the environmental impacts of fast fashion trends, Meagan has put her passion to work by creating an Instagram page dedicated to environmentally conscious thrifting. Meagan will be attending Virginia Commonwealth University in the fall.

Pranaya Sripathi

Pranaya is a graduating senior at Maggie Walker Governor’s School. Her passion for others is shown through her volunteerism with Dinwiddie Fire and EMS where she responds to emergency calls, and her leadership work with the organization, Kids Are Scientists Too (KAST). This Fall, Pranaya will be continuing her education at Virginia Commonwealth University