2023 Call Federal Scholarship Winners

It is our pleasure to share the 2023 winners of our Alice S. Pearce scholarship program. Named for the credit union’s first CEO, it is an honor to play even a small role in the educational journeys of these tremendous young members. These decisions were difficult to come by, as once again the committee was blown away by the accomplishments of the students who applied.

Alice S. Pearce Scholarship Winners

Jazmin Collins

Jazmin is a current student at Liberty University who is on a mission to provide mental health care to the underserved communities in Richmond. While Jazmin is not in school, she is currently working with those with autism as a Behavioral Therapist and still has time to reach the community through various non-profit organizations and community events. Through personal experiences and her work history, Jazmin is eager to hit the ground running upon graduating with a degree in Counseling, with a focus in pediatric counseling, so that she can provide services to children, adolescents and strengthen the family dynamic within the Greater Richmond community through positive reinforcement.

Simon Dash

Simon, a recent Atlee High School graduate, will be pursuing a degree in Engineering next fall at Virginia Commonwealth University. With his creative hands, Simon looks forward to building and creating. His focus and drive is for engineering and Simon believes that with hard work and dedication anything is possible, which is how he has come so far with his creations. Simon’s passion will hopefully one day land him with a design that could possibly explore Mars and find ways to better the community here.

Jordanna Silverman

Jordanna is a recent graduate from Freeman High School and will be continuing her education at Duke University this fall. Jordanna is eager to make a change in her community and has already done that with getting Henrico County to implement a new AP History book. Also active in the community, Jordanna works closely with local organizations to improve social justice for the future. Making a difference in her community is Jordanna’s passion and it shows in everything that she does.

Carolyn Zhaung

Carolyn, a recent graduate of Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School, has a love for math and art. When Carolyn is not busy with her extracurricular activities, she is exploring the beauty and artistry in swimming and Chinese calligraphy. Carolyn uses her math and science skills in both of these beloved crafts. Carolyn will be attending UC Berkley in the fall and plans on using math and art in furthering her studies to create innovative solutions that can help her community here in Richmond.