Financial Education Incentive

Financial education provides you confidence in your financial decisions, and with Call Federal, in line with our mission, you can also save on your loan payments. Complete any course in our Money & Beyond Portal, and your certificate of completion earns you 0.50% APR off the rate on your next vehicle, personal, or leisure vehicle loan. With as little as a 15-minute commitment, you could save on your monthly payment and overall interest.

Here’s How It Works

  1. Sign up for our Money & Beyond Portal
  2. Complete any of the Courses in our Money & Beyond Portal
  3. Provide your certificate of completion when you apply for a Call Federal:

Featured Courses

Buying Or Leasing A Car

Making the commitment to own a car is a major decision. Whether this will be your first car or your tenth car, this course covers the ins and outs of car ownership, including important costs you’ll need to account for, such as auto insurance. After covering some ownership basics, the course dives into the best part about getting a new car—picking one out! Finally, we’ll discuss some shopping tips and tricks and details on financing your vehicle. .

Creating A Budget (And Sticking To It)

In this course you will be guided through exercises to help you assess your financial situation and create a customized budget based on your unique goals. The course looks ahead for opportunities to utilize your budget in everyday finance, build solid spending and saving habits, and make positive changes that will continually improve your financial health.

Getting Out Of Debt (And Avoiding It In The Future)

Having debt is normal and even necessary sometimes for life’s big moments, such as buying  a home or pursuing an education. But what happens if you take on more than you can handle? This course begins with an exploration of why debt overload happens, then dives into the various strategies available to help you tackle your debt. Finally, it wraps up helping you recognize the various situations where you could be prone to incurring debt.