A Financial Check-up Checklist to Manage Inflation

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Whether it’s been at the gas pump or the grocery store, we’ve all felt the cost of inflation lately. And while a changing economy can put pressure on your wallet, checking in on the health of your finances during inflation can help give you peace of mind while keeping your financial goals on track

Click here for a FREE one-page Financial Check-Up Checklist. Keep reading for the thought process behind it.

Checking In On Your Goals

As we experience changes in our economy it’s easy to find ourselves losing sight of our financial goals. It’s common to reduce our savings to accommodate for the financial influx in our everyday expenses, or not know where to start when adjusting our spending plans when costs seem to steadily rise. Checking in on your financial goals not only keeps them top of mind but allows you to remain realistic in your process towards them even during an economic downturn.

Maintaining Financial Health

As you’re checking in on your financial goals, maintain your financial health by reviewing your credit report for accuracy. Be sure to download or get physical copies of your Credit Report(s) free from annualcreditreport.com.

In reviewing your credit report, loans, and credit cards, you’re looking to make sure all your personal information is accurate and that you have a firm grasp of what you owe and to whom. It’s also a great time to review your current rates and compare them to rates available from your credit union. There may be opportunities to save by refinancing or consolidating that could give your savings goals a boost.

Go Beyond the Basics

If you only do what we’ve covered so far, you’ll have given yourself a good financial wellness check and a strong footing to weather an economic storm. But here at Call Federal, one of our core principles is to “go beyond” good enough and reach further. We started by identifying your short- and long-term goals and how you’ll reach them. But then what? What could change those goals for the better and what would that mean for you? A bigger house? An earlier retirement? Are there investments you could make in yourself right now that might bring about that change, like learning a new skill, asking for a promotion, or changing jobs?

Are you taking care of your physical and emotional health? Improving your diet and exercise routines can pay off in fewer medical expenses while tending to your mental health can improve job performance that could lead to a bigger raise or new career opportunities, to say nothing of the positive effects on your interpersonal relationships. By taking a holistic approach to your check-up, you’ll gain a stronger appreciation and understanding of how financial wellness connects both your present and future selves.

Getting Started

When it comes to economic change, we sometimes don’t know where to start. If you find yourself needing a little help getting through this financial check-up? Simply print out the checklist and bring it to any of our branch locations and a Call Federal team member will be happy to assist you. Are you interested in creating a financial plan for yourself but don’t know where to start? Visit our Financial Coaching page and complete the Financial Wellness Request form and one of our Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors will be in touch to schedule a free personalized session to get you on the right path.

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