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We’re wrapping up our vacations and our seasonal staff is heading back to campus… summer is fleeting and the cooler breezes & vibrant colors of fall will soon be upon us! For many Call Federal families, that means “Back to School” time! In the first edition of our new blog series, we asked our team if they had any “Back to School” shopping tips to share. Here are some of our favorite answers:

“Strategy leads to success. The key element to “Back To School” shopping is the school supply list. These can be found on most county/city school websites.  Once you have your list, you can search online and at local retailers for the best deals.  Many stores now even have a “pay online, pickup in-store” option. This is great for parents on the go.  Few things in life are more frantic than back to school shopping with a cart full of kids!”  – Kevin Caldwell, Community Branch Manager

“It is important to budget for all school expenses. Make a list of all spending needs you can think of: school supplies, clothing and shoes, electronics, class fees and more. Unexpected expenses will come up, but if you build in a little extra per child, it won’t completely blow the budget. If you plan well and are lucky enough to avoid those added expenses, you will have extra money to save towards next year… which will be here before you know it! – Sherri Wilkinson, Compliance & Risk Officer

“Consider shopping for used clothing. There are several stores in the Richmond area that specialize in “gently worn” children’s clothes. The clothes are typically in good to great condition, some still have the original tags, and they only cost a fraction of the retail price.” – Frederic Doree, Loan Underwriter

“Buy a sturdy, neutral book bag that will last your child for a few years instead of an inexpensive or character bag that will need to be replaced the next year.” – Jeanette Mortimer, Loan Processor

“To help prepare for school and give a little insight on saving money as they return to school, my kids and I read ‘Money-Smart Kid$’  by Gail Vaz-Oxlade. It’s a quick and easy read. We’ve had discussions about taking their lunches, instead of buying lunch from the cafeteria and other ways to save money during the school year.” – Zachary Obey, Community Branch Manager

Thanks to all of our team members who participated. These are terrific insights. Do you have any tips to help survive “Back to School” shopping season? Send us an email at Member News! If we get enough, we’ll share them in an upcoming post. Thanks for reading!



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