Ask Call Federal – Celebrating Father’s Day without Breaking the Bank!

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During our “D.A.D.’s Day” fundraiser last week (with Wes McElroy from Sports 910 The Fan), we also asked our members and staff to take a moment and share a budget-friendly way to celebrate Father’s Day. Here’s a sampling of their answers.

Volunteer to mow the lawn or do other weekend chores to give Dad a relaxing Sunday, – Greg Sisson, Business Intelligence Analyst

Fishing is always a great cost efficient way to spend Father’s day. It’s relaxing while also fun! – A.J. Robertson, Contact Center Manager (and several members!)

Hiking any of the beautiful trails along the Shenandoah Valley with Dad and packing a picnic lunch! – Caroline George, Member Service Consultant

I make dinner for all the fathers in my family on father’s day.  The laughter at dinner is unforgettable. – Anonymous Member, Hanover Branch

I love to have a cook out and play in the pool! My favorite thing is looking at old pictures especially with my kids. – Kayla Pandel, Member Service Consultant

A nice dinner out at a park. – Connie Elam, Member

Create a home video of all the reasons why your dad is special and share it on the big screen for him to enjoy!  When my siblings and I were younger, we would record “talent” shows for Mother’s and Father’s day and we still have the VHS to look back on today.  Memories are priceless 🙂 – Nikole John, Financial Analyst

Thanks to everyone who participated and Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!

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