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We are getting excited here about the Call Federal Mother’s Day Weekend at Lewis Ginter.   Whatever you have planned, we are sure she will love it because it comes from the ones she loves.  That being said…..we wanted to ask Call Federal moms and team members what they really wanted or to share something they have loved that won’t break the bank.

My family has always been big on giving handmade certificates that can be redeemed for tasks. Whether it is cooking me breakfast, cleaning my car or washing the dog, I always enjoy seeing what my kids will come up with next. The great part about the certificate is that it can be redeemed whenever I want. Of course since my kids have gotten older, they have learned to add conditional disclosures to make sure it isn’t too inconvenient for them…..teenagers. Certificates are always fun for the giver and receiver and there is generally no cost involved since we usually have paper, pans, markers, etc. – Sherri Wilkinson, Compliance & Risk Officer

When my own kids were in kindergarten, the teacher had the kids make ‘pictures’ of their hand prints with paint. They also printed their names on it. Then we put it in a frame. Best present ever!  – Marilyn Dicesare, Manager of BSA and Risk

Now that I’m older, I focus more on experiences.  They don’t have to be lavish or expensive, but simple things that allow my family to spend time together and away from the normal grind of life. – Daisy Coates, Manager, Human Resources Administration

For the mom’s in my family we love to make and paint items at All Fired Up in Midlothian. Last year my daughter and I made a spoon rest for my mom and she uses it every day. We also made a collage of pictures of all of the grandchildren in a large frame. Handmade items are the best! Then of course handmade cards beat spending $4-$8 on one that will probably get thrown in the trash. Handmade cards usually are kept for keepsakes 🙂 – Stephanie Bruening, Chester Community Branch Manager

One year I made bags for the grandmothers using cheap tote bags and fabric paint to put my children’s hand prints on the bag!  Then added a cute little poem on the other side – “Sometimes you get discouraged because I am so small, and always leave my fingerprints on furniture and walls. But everyday I’m growing, I’ll be grown up someday, and all these tiny handprints will simply fade away. So here’s a final handprint just so you can recall, exactly how my fingers looked when I was very small.” –  Kayla Pandel, Member Service Consultant

I would just love to have my car cleaned.  Grab the Windex, vacuum and a bucket. That would mean the world to a busy mom like me.  – Cara Clements, Director of Marketing

Thanks to all our team members who participated.  Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for all you do.

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