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In this series, each month we give our staff a question or prompt and then publish their responses here. We’re calling it “Ask Call Federal”. We thought a perfect place to start would be collecting and sharing a few stories about our staff and their experiences with credit unions prior to joining the team at Call Federal. We were touched and inspired by their answers and we think you will be too.

“When I was 15, my dad brought me to Call Federal to open my first checking account. With his advice, I had saved all of my loose change and extra money for months in order to have a deposit for my new account. I was able to learn how to balance a checkbook and manage my income at an early age. A few years later, Call Federal was there to  help me finance my first brand new car. Credit unions have been the foundation of my financial life since the beginning and I am proud to say I now work for the credit union that built that foundation from when I was a teenager.”  – Sabrina Mayo, Team Lead

“When we moved to the States, my parents worked for a hospital that heavily promoted a credit union. They opened accounts for me and my siblings shortly after they joined. I deposited my babysitting money into that account and was able to save enough to buy my first car.  I deposited my first “real paycheck” in to that account and was able to save money for college.  One of their tellers taught me how to write my first check. Throughout my professional career, I have worked for several large financial institutions but remained true to my credit union.  I even talked my then-boyfriend (now-husband!) into moving to a credit union after he complained about his bank.  Our credit union has held all three of our mortgages, all of our investment accounts, and now my son’s accounts, too. 40 years later, I am remain a proud supporter of my credit union. – Barbara Bell, Consumer Loan Consultant

“My first experience with a credit union was at Call Federal. I was looking to get an auto loan and I noticed that the rates were really low. This was also my first experience trying to get an auto loan, so I didn’t know how anything was supposed to go. When I got there it wasn’t just about me getting an auto loan, but the best option for me and what best suits me. I realized that, at Call Federal, it wasn’t about selling me on something or using my lack of knowledge to their advantage. It was about getting my needs met and making sure that I was educated about what I was doing and what I was getting myself into. A couple of months later, I applied to work at the credit union because I wanted to be a part of a team that cares about the people they provide service to – member or not. Now, I can proudly say I’m a MSC at Call Federal Credit Union!” – Kathleenah Accilien, Member Services Consultant

“I had been in the banking industry for 14 years prior to deciding to make a change in my career by moving to a credit union.  My husband had been a lifelong member of a credit union in Virginia Beach and I noticed that every time we needed an advocate, a great loan rate, or just someone that was truly passionate about helping us as members– we called his credit union for assistance.  I’m so thankful that I decided to make this change in my career, as I am now able to make a difference in members’ lives and truly provide the Credit Union Difference.”  – Joanna McVicker, Community Branch Manager

“As the youngest of 3 children of a newly single mom, I began to see the life changing benefits of a credit union relationship at a very early age. I witnessed a transformation in my mother as she had the helping hand of her credit union at every turn in her adult life. She became a financially responsible adult who, in turn, raised 3 children who are all now financially responsible adults. My family has experienced the credit union difference in a very personal way. We have all been touched by it and are all credit union members to this day.”  – Sherri Wilkinson, Risk & Compliance Officer

Wow, thanks to all of our team members who participated. These are really awesome stories. Would you like to share YOUR Credit Union Story? Send us an email! If we get enough, we’ll share them in an upcoming post. Thanks for reading!

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