What do the Logos on the back of my Debit Card stand for?

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If you’ve had a debit card for any amount of time, you know to look for the major credit providers logo on the front wherever you shop. But what about the logos on the back of the card? You may have noticed them before, but what do they all mean? I’m glad you asked…

Worldwide Access to your Account

Put simply, the logos on the back of your debit card represent the inter-bank networks that Call Federal is currently partnered with. These network partners grant debit and ATM cardholders from associated financial institutions access to their ATMs. This is especially convenient for members traveling abroad where multinational inter-bank networks like Plus are widely available.

A subsidiary of Visa, the Plus network allows Call Federal members the ability to use any ATM that bears the Plus logo. To date, that includes roughly 1.8 million ATMs in over 200 countries and territories around the world. So whether you’re in sunny San Diego or the streets of Rome, if you see the Plus logo, you’re good to go. Do pay close attention to the screen prompts, as some of these machines may charge a transaction fee.

Similar to Plus, if you’re travelling stateside, you’ll want to keep an eye of for the Accel network. Accel connects over 412,000 ATMs across all 50 states in their network, and like Plus it allows members debit cards to be compatible with any ATM bearing the Accel logo. Also similar to Plus, the Accel logo does not guarantee a fee-free experience.

Avoiding Transaction Fees

If you need some cash, but don’t want to pay transaction fees, you will want to look for the CU24 network logo. The CU24 network logo, presented as CUHere on some card backs, provides account access like Plus and Accel but with the added bonus of performing these transactions surcharge-free. To help determine where CU24/CUHere ATMs are located please use our ATM Locator. If you want search results that ONLY display surcharge-free ATM locations, simply select the “Show Filters” option and enter Call FCU as the Credit Union name. This search will return only ATMs in the CUHere network, providing fee-free transactions for Call Federal members.

As mentioned above, in addition to using partnered ATMs across the United States to access funds, three merchants with a constantly expanding presence up and down the East Coast provide further convenience for Call Federal members. The popular gas station chains, Sheetz and Wawa, all have surcharge-free ATMs, while Publix grocery stores and their Presto! ATMs also provide Call Federal members with surcharge-free account access at all of their locations.

Save By Cashing Out at the Check-out

If you’re unable to find a surcharge-free ATM nearby, getting cash back at the end of retail purchase option may also prove convenient. Most supermarket and convenience store point-of-sale machines will offer cash back as an option when making checking out. Often this option is free; however, in some cases, the merchant may charge a small fee, which are typically less than those charged by fee-based ATMs.

Here at Call Federal, we’re always quick to point out that we’re “passionately local”. But when it comes to our ATM network, our footprint extends far beyond the RVA limits. By partnering with the Plus, Accel, and CU24 networks, we’re able to offer our members access to millions of ATMs, all around the world. So when you pack your bags and hit the road, just keep an eye out for those logos from the back of your card.

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