Real Talk: Ways to Give that Don’t Cost Money

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The holiday season is a time of year where we focus our hearts on the joy of giving. As we think of all the ways in which we can show our love and appreciation to others, it’s important to remember that we can be generous without breaking the bank.

Give Your Time

Around the holidays, there are many opportunities to give monetarily to those in need. And while charitable donations are always positive ways to impact the lives of others, giving back with your time is equally generous in many ways. Taking time to serve a hot meal at your local shelter or lending a helping hand at your nearest food bank are all noble ways to give back to your community.

Give with Your Talents

No matter what your skills are, everyone has a talent to share with others. Like giving with your time, using your talents can be a meaningful way to make brighten spirits during the holidays. Making crafts or baking a favorite treat are great ways to spread joy. Even a handwritten note of gratitude of appreciation can make someone’s day and remind them that they are valued and loved.

Give By Donating

During this time of year, it’s more than likely you will receive your fair share of gifts, which also makes it a great time to see if there are things you’re ready to pass on to others. Gently-worn winter wear, in particular, can be a perfect way of giving back to those in need with cold winter months to come. Consider the extra room in your closets an added benefit.

Generosity is not always measured by the amount of money one can spend. Getting creative in how you celebrate the season of giving can be just as fulfilling for ourselves as the lives of those we touch.

Looking for more ways to give a helping hand this holiday season? HandsOn Greater Richmond is a great way to get started right here at home.

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