Graduation Presents and Wedding Gifts: 8 Money Saving Tips for June

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As we get ready for summer vacations and the last day of school, June also signals the start of graduation parties and the wedding season. Planning now for these added expenses can help you keep within your budget, not overspending on the last-minute gifts or straining your credit card.

When I find myself thinking about how to join in the celebration without causing a financial strain on my spending plan, I remind myself of these tips that enable me to be generous but budget-friendly.

Buying gifts while keeping your Spending Plan balanced

Four tips for wedding gifts:

  1. If the couple has registered, don’t wait until the last minute to buy a gift from the list. Watching their registry for items to go on sale can help you lower the expense. By planning sooner rather than later, you may have more options to stay within a comfortable budget.
  2. If it is a family member, putting together a cookbook of family recipes or even gifting a family heirloom, like a piece of jewelry may be very meaningful and help you to stay within your spending plan.
  3. Making a keepsake box for wedding mementos or framing their wedding invitation can be a thoughtful, personal gift that reduces the to-do list of the happy couple. Between the wedding, the reception, and the honeymoon, there will be countless pictures taken as the couple starts their new life together. A set of elegant picture frames will help to display some of their favorite photos without being too hard on your wallet.
  4. A gift basket filled with a few homemade treats, a gift card to a special restaurant, and a bottle of wine is a present sure to be appreciated. Or if you know where the couple will be spending their honeymoon, you could get a gift card to a nearby restaurant.

Four tips for graduation gifts:

  1. Cash usually works great for graduates. Rolling the dollar bills up into mini diplomas could even make it fun.
  2. If they will be attending college, you could give a couple gift cards for local restaurants in the area.
  3. A gift card to the college bookstore can be helpful if the graduate wants to buy a logoed sweat-shirt or needs supplies for classes.
  4. Gas cards may be helpful too for the graduates that need to commute to their local community college or workplace.

Being thoughtful with a present can often be more impactful than something expensive when we have a plan. Gift-giving doesn’t have to be stressful for your bank account. Making a few adjustments and rethinking your approach can help you support your friends and family members while still supporting yourself.

Of course, our financial coaching can be extremely valuable for newlyweds and recent grads as well. Contact Call Federal today if you have any questions about our offerings.

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