How ID thieves get your information

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There are several ways that identity thieves can get information from your account. Please be cautious when you are sharing financial information.

Spamming: Spammers send unsolicited emails and advertisements to huge mailing lists. These files may contain viruses, that find ways to hack into your computer and even your accounts.

Spoofers and phishers create a replica of an existing webpage to fool customers into submitting personal, financial or password data. With phishing, customers receive an email that appears to originate from Call Federal. It may appear urgent and ask for your immediate attention by clicking on a link within the email.

Pharming is where you are redirected to an illegitimate website instead of the website you want.

Vishing is short for voice phishing. In this scam consumers receive a phone call or email directing them to call a certain phone number where they are directed to verify sensitive information.

Old fashioned dumpster diving for your personal information is still in use. Thieves also steal mail from mailboxes.

New scams crop up daily. Thieves use social engineering techniques to attempt to con us into opening email messages and entering our information.

REMEMBER: Call Federal will not send you emails saying we need you to update your information to keep your account or debit/credit cards from being blocked. Never reply to an email from a link sent to you by email. If you receive an email, and you think it may be legitimate and want to ensure services are not stopped, call us at our regular phone number, or email us.

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