How to know if you are a possible victim of identity theft

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Oftentimes, people who have been the victim of identity theft will begin receiving letters or phone calls telling them that they have been approved or denied a credit card that they never applied for. If you receive a letter or a phone call stating that you’ve been approved for or denied a credit account you never applied for, contact the creditor immediately for more information.

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It is also common for victims of identity theft to stop receiving their credit card or financial statements in the mail. If someone has stolen your identity, they may contact your creditors or financial institution and ask that your statements be sent to them. This way, when they start making charges on your account, you don’t receive notice of the activity and it prolongs the time it takes you to realize your information has been stolen. If your statement doesn’t arrive on time, contact the credit card company or financial institution immediately.

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You start seeing charges on your credit card or debit card that you did not authorize. The moment you notice unauthorized charges on your credit or debit card, report the card stolen and contact your financial institution for further assistance.

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You’re a financially responsible person and you pay your bills on time, but suddenly you start getting calls from collection agencies stating that you owe money. This could indicate identity theft. Ask the collection agency to provide you documentation of the debts and look into the matter immediately. You will probably need to file a police report to help resolve the situation.

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