How to prevent ID theft

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  • Review your credit report. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires each of the three major nationwide consumer-reporting companies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) to provide you with a free copy of your credit report, at your request, once every 12 months.
To order your free annual report from one or all of the national consumer reporting companies:
Call toll-free: 1-877-322-8228
Complete the Annual Credit Report Request Form (print form) and mail it to:
Annual Credit Report Request Service
P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348


  • Never give out personal information or financial information over the phone or in an email.
  • Beware of phone calls from people pretending to be your credit union, insurance company or doctor’s office asking for your information.
  • Tell your financial institution if you receive any suspicious emails or phone calls from identity theft criminals trying to impersonate these companies.
  • Never keep your debit or ATM PIN number in your purse or wallet.
  • Don’t carry social security number cards and remove your social security number from your driver’s license and checks.
  • Carry only the debit or credit cards you absolutely need with you.
  • Don’t throw away financial paperwork such as bank or credit card statements without shredding them first.
  • Limit what goes in and out of your mailbox by signing up for eStatement and Call Federal’s Home Banking.
  • Don’t place outgoing mail in a personal mailbox with the red flag up. Instead, drop it off at a local post office or USPS collection box.
  • Before leaving for vacation, place a vacation hold on your mail free of charge at or by calling at 800-275-8777.
  • Opt out of receiving offers of credit in the mail by calling 1-888-567-8688 or 
  • Enhance your computer security.
  • Close unused and unnecessary credit accounts.
  • Monitor your monthly financial statements closely for unauthorized activity.
  • Don’t store personal information in your glove compartment or car.
  • Never leave anyone such as maintenance workers or home improvement professionals unattended in your home.

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