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Whether you get your news from television or the internet, it seems like there are thieves and fraudsters lurking around every corner. Serving our members and keeping their personal and financial data secure is our top priority and, as we embark on another Safe & Secure September, I thought I would highlight some of the new methods and tools we’ve deployed to protect our members.

Fraud Alerts

We recently turned on real-time fraud alerts via text message. These messages help prevent fraudulent activity, while also giving you an opportunity to confirm and allow a purchase that gets flagged as potential fraud. Update the cell phone number on file when you next call or visit, so we can ensure you receive this valuable benefit.

Card Control App

Our new Card Control app contains a robust set of features to better manage your accounts via smartphone, including transaction alerts and the ability to instantly turn your card on and off, should you suspect fraud or misplace your card. You can also actively manage your debit and credit card usage by defining when, where and how your cards are used. Download it here for iPhone and here if you have a Google/Android phone. If you use our Mobile Banking app, you’ll find it linked via “My Cards” on that app’s menu.

Updating ATM Technology

We have begun rolling out technology updates to our ATMs, including skimmer-resistant card readers to fight the rising number of attacks on financial institutions. These new readers’ compatibility with EMV chip technology also provides an extra layer of security.

Sign-On Security & Phone Verification

Our Mobile and Online Banking applications (as well as our internal protocols) require multi-factor authentication. We understand that no one likes answering a bunch of questions just to check a balance or update their information, but these steps are critical to verifying your identity to safely access your accounts.

Listening to You

Through our Voice of the Member program, we compile member concerns in real-time, allowing us to quickly piece together trends when our members are targeted and act swiftly to issue a new card or change security protocols to thwart scammers.

These are just a few of the tools that we’re putting to work for our members to keep their data secure. And we will never stop looking for ways to continue improving our service in this area. Visit our Security Center page for even more resources and ways to protect your finances and data.

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