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If you ask me, there are only two things in life that don’t need improvement: my mother’s stuffed cabbage and fireball candy. Everything else can always be better. At Call Federal, we’re passionate and committed to serving our members, but even robust organizations can always be stronger.

People always ask me about the future. They want to know how we’ll handle the challenges of the digital landscape and take advantage of the opportunities for personalized service. I assure them, we’re ready for it. When you get right down to it, banking is a people business. That’s why we center everything we do around our relationships with our members. So when you combine a passion for stellar service with everything technology has to offer, you can discover personalization like never before. I’m excited to lead our team into the next era of possibilities.

Embracing The Challenge

No matter how our members prefer to work with us, we are there and we will continue to be. The challenge is being able to make our member experience seamless, whether individuals connect with us in person, at a branch, or via a digital channel. At Call Federal, we’re always up for a challenge. Finding solutions is the reason we were founded in 1962 by employees of Philip Morris. They recognized that their financial needs weren’t being met elsewhere and went about solving their own problem.

Founding a credit union is more than just starting a different kind of bank. Over the course of forty years, they built a community and shared its ownership with their co-workers and their families. For the last decade or so, that charter has expanded to bring more and more of Central Virginia’s residents into our community, sharing ownership with these new members just the same as the founders. The credit union will turn 70 in a few years and we’re looking forward to serving our members for decades to come. But how we do that has to be thoughtful. As surely as we don’t operate the same way today that we did in the 1960s, how we currently serve our members will be far different years from now.

Continuing To Add Value

Every day we aim to make incremental changes that deliver value to our members. Among these changes are initiatives like our on-demand webinars, available to bring financial health to you on your schedule. When it comes to our digital philosophy, we’re focused on giving our members the access they want when they want it, in as secure of a way as possible. We are not a technology company, but we feel a tremendous responsibility to regularly review and improve our technological offerings as we move forward. To do so, we need the structure and resources, which includes having the appropriate staffing, to implement and communicate these changes as effectively as possible. We’re working hard on that front as well.

Personally, I hope fireball candy and my mother’s stuffed cabbage never change. And when it comes to Call Federal, like I said before, it’s a people business and that truth will never change. As for the tools we use will to go about our business, well, that change is inevitable. To me, though, that’s a very exciting piece of our future. So, stay tuned, and remember, every shift we make is all about better serving you, the member.


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