A Fresh Take on New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s a time-honored tradition, and it seems like everyone is in on it, in some shape or another, amplified by social media. That’s right, I’m talking about New Year’s Resolutions. Rather than picking from the usual list that so many swear to follow each year, I prefer to focus on something more meaningful – a “life resolution” that connects with my values and contributes to personal growth.

Leaving Typical Resolutions Behind

I’ve made common New Year’s vows before… losing weight, going to bed earlier, reading more. Although worthy goals, like many, I quickly fall away from such lists. Instead, I now make a “life resolution” to refer to daily, not just in January. This involves improving some aspect from the day before and repeating that exercise continually. For example, this year I look forward to trying things like turning off the radio as I drive around town and connecting with a friend I haven’t heard from in a while. I also intend to be more deliberate about facing my daily challenges with a more positive outlook.

Making a Positive Impact Each Day

Perhaps you could choose to be friendly to someone you don’t particularly care for. Rather than go out of your way to prove a point, you could opt to say nothing and continue about your day, applying the old adage, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Anything that offers an opportunity to create positive change – feeding birds, giving deer corn, greeting a stranger, donating to a cherished cause – can be aligned with the “life resolutions” approach.

It’s Never Too Late

The beauty of a “life resolution” is that you can start at any time. Whenever you need a refresh, clear your mind, and resolve to make a difference again – strive for your goals and gain the satisfaction of living your values. I wish that for all of you entering 2024. If my colleagues or I can help with your financial resolutions for this New Year, learn more here.

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