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One of the most important relationships we have is with the financial institution where we primarily bank. This is the third entry in our “Making A Switch” series where we’ve discussed things to keep in mind when considering such a change, as well as how easy it can be. In this post, we’ll share what we feel are the most important factors when evaluating a potential banking partner.


When it comes to meeting your basic financial needs, banking should be easy and convenient. Despite some of the myths about credit unions, checking accounts at Call Federal come the same convenience services and complementary products that our larger counterparts have, particularly when it comes to bringing account access to your fingertips. And, with seven locations across the Greater Richmond region and a locally-staffed Member Support center, we are here to assist our members with their banking essentials in person and over the phone.

Fees (or More Importantly, The Lack Thereof)

While accessibility is the top priority for most, we cannot go any further when it comes to evaluating a banking relationships without discussing the costs involved. Are you currently paying maintenance fees or jumping through hoops, like balance or transaction minimums, in order to avoid them? At Call Federal, we believe that checking should be free, to all members, with no strings attached, and all the bells and whistles included. We honestly didn’t think it was such a radical idea.

Products & Services That Meet Your Needs

Having focused on accessibility and costs, the next thing to take into consideration… is you. Once you’ve got your basic banking needs covered, it’s important to find an institution that is aligned with your financial goals, not just for today, but for years to come. A Call Federal checking account is merely a stepping stone on a financial journey, where we serve as your able and willing guide. Whether you’re purchasing your first car or your fifth, buying a home or even a boat; maybe you’re planning for retirement or saving to send the kids to college… we’re here to provide the services you need and share our knowledge so that you can make confident choices. That’s our promise to all of our members.

There is a lot to consider when switching your accounts, but Call Federal has you covered. We also want you to know just how easy it can be. And when it’s time to make the switch, we’re ready to get started. Just stop by your nearest branch today!

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