Give Yourself a Push with Card Controls

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One of the first things our Card Control app users will tell you is how much they love getting real-time push notifications on their mobile device any time they complete a transaction. And this great feature is easy to set up for any of your registered Call Federal debit or credit cards.

Transaction Details via Text

In-app push notifications include information such as the merchant name, amount, transactions date, and the time of the transaction. The ability to review debit or credit card transactions posting to your account as they’re completed gives our members the opportunity to act quickly if something that has charged to their account fraudulently.

What To Do If It Wasn’t You

If you receive a notification and the transaction is valid, there are no additional steps for the member. Keep on keeping on, as some would say. However, if you get a notification and you weren’t making a transaction, you can quickly log into the Card Controls app and turn your card off instantly. If it turns out that your significant other or children used your card for something they hadn’t told you about, it’s just as easy to turn the card back on and allow the transaction to be completed. With this simple but powerful tool, we’ve put the ability to quickly identify card fraud in the your hands. After all, who knows what should be charged to your account better than you?

Download Now

If you still don’t have the Call Federal Card Controls app, what are you waiting for? It’s free and easy to download. Head to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to get started.

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