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Whether we’re talking about sports, your co-workers, or our member community, strong teams are built on relationships. With strong relationships, you establish trust. And when you build trust, you can go anywhere. At Call Federal, we’re going places. Our members are going places. And it’s all rooted in that foundation of relationships and trust.

We owe my predecessor, Roger Ball, a great debt of gratitude for growing that foundation. His leadership made us who we are today, built entirely on relationships. As an organization, do we need money to pay employees, operate branches, and keep up with security and technology? Of course, we do. But we don’t make those decisions based solely on what’s profitable. It always comes back to people. Our people. What drives them? What frustrates them? How are they doing? And how are they feeling?

The Power of Trust In Action

Previously, I shared how some of my first jobs taught me the importance of financial health. I left out the very meaningful lesson I gained as a young adult working in a steel mill. There, among the cranes and other heavy machinery, I saw firsthand the amazing power of trust and what can be accomplished when working as a team.

Like most work teams, people brought different strengths to the job. Some were mechanically inclined; most weren’t. Safety was top priority for many, but there were others who went full-speed ahead and just figured it would somehow all go well. However, when there are a couple of tons of steel hanging over our heads, we were all quite aware of the fact that we needed to work together to get the job done right. Without that trust, the consequences would be bad for the company and even worse for ourselves.

Steeling Ourselves

At Call Federal, we’re not wearing hard hats or dodging beams. But we are a diverse collection of talented individuals, bringing resources together and working hard, communicating with each other to build something as strong and durable as steel for the benefit of all involved.

These relationships run deep. I’m not the kind of boss who sits behind his desk all day, firing off emails, and calling that ‘connecting’ with our staff. You’re far more likely to find me chatting with team members throughout our offices, face-to-face. Each week, we bring representatives from all of our teams & locations together to discuss the prior week’s events, successes and challenges in person. The word “family” regularly comes up in these meetings and it’s not an empty sentiment. Do you think you would find three tellers, the CEO, and the VP of Accounting sitting down having lunch together at other financial institutions? Not likely. But it’s a regular occurrence around here; that’s just who we are.

Forward Together

Relationships truly define us. When our members come into a branch, they know they’ll get more than a cursory hello. When they reach out via phone, email, or social media, they know they’re connecting not only with their financial partner but also a neighbor in their community.

At Call Federal, we’re going places. Our members are going places. When we work together as a team, build upon our strong relationships, we can go further than we ever dreamed possible.

How can we strengthen our relationship with you today? If you have questions about your short- or long-term financial goals, our branch managers are happy to discuss them with you. Just stop by your nearest branch location! If you’d prefer to chat with one of our Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors, simply email [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

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