Sweet Treats of Credit Union Membership

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It’s October – a time when many U.S. households are eagerly preparing their homes for the arrival of little witches, rabbits, and other adorable creatures. Like neighborhoods that welcome cute costume-clad youth, credit unions encourage communities around the country to knock on their doors and experience their own kind of “sweet treats”.

If you’ve been spooked by other financial institutions, we invite you to take a peek at what makes Call Federal different – no tricks, we promise!

A Mouthwatering Assortment Of Free Financial Services

Like banks, credit unions provide a federally-insured place to deposit money until you need it. Both offer checking, savings, and investment accounts that allow you to earn interest on your balance. But credit unions also provide members with a host of free services to support long-term financial success.

Call Federal members benefit from no-cost financial coaching, adult and youth financial wellness programs, practical personal finance articles, and educational workshops. Topics include budgeting, credit, debt management, fraud prevention, and more!

We Choose Our Own Treats (and Avoid The Tricks)

When you open an account at a credit union, you’re not a customer – you’re a member… a part-owner of a locally owned financial cooperative. There are no annual dues; you keep membership status as long as your account remains in good standing with the institution.

Plus, members have voting rights. Instead of letting private investors or stockholders determine the path forward for Call Federal, you have a voice without needing to hold a position on a formal board of directors. You’re encouraged to attend annual meetings or view online recordings to stay up-to-date on the institution’s financial health.

Supporting Our Local Community & Giving To Others

After a fun-filled Halloween, youngsters anxiously return home with treat bags filled to the brim with colorful candy. They can’t wait to sort through yummy treats they received from kind neighbors. Call Federal also delights when team members, volunteers, and business partners generously give their time and financial resources to fundraising events and scholarship programs. Members can participate in these and other efforts that support the institution’s commitment to helping individuals achieve their financial goals.

While candy apples and other Halloween favorites are fun to eat, the experience only lasts a few moments. But you can enjoy the sweet treats of credit union membership all year. Anyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in the Greater Richmond Region is eligible to become a Call Federal member by opening a share account for just $5. Call us at 804-274-1200 or stop by a branch to get started today!




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