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Have you moved recently? Perhaps you changed jobs or cable providers and had to get a new email address? There are many reasons that could lead to us having the wrong info for you. While missing the monthly newsletter isn’t a big deal, having accurate contact information is critical when it comes to protecting your money and keeping your accounts safe.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s important to update your contact information.

Receive Urgent Communications Regarding Account Protection

Staying ahead of the would-be thieves, cheats, and fraudsters is an ongoing battle, While we are constantly evolving and improving our preventive measures, you never know when a new threats will pop up. In these cases, the ability to quickly contact our members gives us a head start in combatting and containing fraudulent activity. Whether it’s verifying transactions via call or text, or sending an email informing you of potentially fraudulent activity in your area, accurate contact information allows us to reach you when it matters most.

Securing Your Account

Fighting fraud isn’t the only reason to keep your account information updated. Accurate contact information is vital for keeping your account secure whenever you contact us. When you call into our call center or visit a branch, your updated phone numbers, as well as mailing and email address, are all factors used to verify your identity and to keep your Call Federal account safe.

Changes to Credit Union Operations

If we learned anything in the past year, it’s to expect the unexpected. When plans change with very little notice, you won’t want to miss out on critical communications that could potentially impact how you bank with us. For example, when a branch is forced to close temporarily, we typically send out an email to members most likely to be impacted. If you haven’t updated your information recently, we may not be able to keep you in the loop when these important changes happen.

Don’t Wait – Check In With Us Today!

Have we convinced you that up-to-date contact information is vital to protecting your account and providing you with the service you deserve as Call Federal members? You’ll be happy to know that we also make it easy to ensure your info is accurate or to make necessary few changes. You can simply give us a call, visit your local branch, or log into Online Banking to get started today.


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