E-Statements: Why We Love Them

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If you’re like me, most of the mail you get these days is junk. A decent coupon here or there but mostly “personalized” sales letters for new windows or “vote for me” political postcards. If it doesn’t go straight into recycling, it ends up in a pile somewhere… to be recycled or tossed later. Your personal banking information doesn’t belong in that pile!

We get it. There’s something satisfying about opening your statement each month and seeing how much interest you’ve earned or how close you are to paying off your vehicle. That satisfaction disappears quickly when you realize you missed an important payment or notice and go rummaging through the pile to find the mailing you missed. In addition to several other benefits, with electronic statements (or eStatements), this worry becomes a thing of the past.

Convenience and Accessibility

You can access your eStatements online, 24/7/365, via computer or mobile device, anywhere you have access to an internet connection, which makes it easy to keep track of your finances at home or on-the-go. No more waiting for “snail” mail or worrying about lost or misplaced statements. With eStatements, all your financial information is just a few clicks away.

Security and Privacy

Compared to paper statements, eStatements are far more secure and private. When statements are mailed to your home, they can be lost or stolen and end up who knows where. By accessing your statements electronically, you’re protected by layers of passwords and online security protocols.

Cost (& Planet) Savings

Let’s be honest – printing and mailing paper statements is expensive. As stewards of your credit union, it’s important for us to control these costs so we can keep our fees (and loan rates!) as low as possible. By switching to eStatements, that rather sizeable expense can be put to better use for our members. There’s also the added benefit of reducing paper waste – you’ll be doing your part to help the environment.

Make The Switch

Switching to eStatements is a smart choice that saves time and money while also keeping your financial details more private and secure. That’s a lot of good reasons to let paper statements become a thing of the past. Make the switch to electronic statements today… and if you need a helping hand, we’re only a call (or email) away.

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