Member Resources

If you live, work, worship, or attend school in the Greater Richmond (VA) area, you can join 30,000 of your friends and neighbors as a part of our non-profit financial co-operative! All the products and services you expect from a banking institution, plus our award-winning dedication to helping you lead a financially successful life.

Member Benefits

Convenience Services

Nationwide ATM Network

Avoid ATM fees when and wherever you may go! Our nationwide network consists of over 30,000 locations, there’s sure to be one near you.

Direct Deposit

Receive your paycheck or other payments automatically with our direct deposit.  Simply contact the organization with your account number and the routing number at the top of the page.

Download Direct Deposit Form

Foreign Currency

In partnership with Currency Exchange International (CXI), Call Federal members can buy foreign currency online for Home Delivery or reserve foreign currency online for pick-up at a CXI Branch. Both offer a convenient way to order foreign currency at any time.

Wire Transfers

You can wire money to anywhere in the United States with Call Federal’s wire transfer.  You will need the ABA routing or transit number as well as the name, account number and address of the recipient. Please give us a call for more information.


Previously available at designated times twice a year, our ever-popular Skip-A-Payment program is now available to members year-round!* The standard $40 skip payment fee will be applied each time you take advantage of the skip pay program.


*Excludes real estate loans and credit cards. Must be in good standing with the credit union. A MAXIMUM OF 2 non-consecutive payments (per loan) may be skipped within a calendar year. Additional conditions may apply. Contact us for full details.

Buying Guides

Car Buying Program

Learn more about Car Buying the Call Federal Way, where we give you the tools to make sure your vehicle purchase process is quick, easy, and convenient.

First-Time Home Buyers Center

We’ve collected our best resources addressing some of the biggest questions first-time buyers encounter as they begin their home search, including calculators, checklists, and other mortgage-focused financial insights.