Message Pay

A Quick & Easy Way to Make Loan Payments

Pay with your debit card* from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or home computer by clicking the “Make a Payment” button below!

Make A Payment

*Fees apply; Credit card payments not permitted.


  • Low transaction fee of $4.99
  • Message encryption safeguards your information
  • Use text messages or website as a convenient way to pay from external accounts
  • Payments accepted from checking accounts or savings accounts

Getting Started – What You Need To Know

You’re only four easy steps away from making your first payment to a Call Federal loan using MessagePay.

four phone screens show the process to register and use MessagePay

You'll receive a text message that contains a link to a secure payment portal, where you'll look up and verify your account.

After clicking the link provided in the initial message, you'll be prompted to create a PIN, which will be used for subsequent logins.

Once you've set your PIN, you'll be asked to add an external payment method(s) and select a 'default' option in you add multiple accounts.

After payment method is added, you're ready to pay! Your loan information is shown on the Payment tab; when you select “Make Payment Now,” you'll be shown a confirmation screen to confirm the payment with the selected method.

Sorry, loan payments cannot be made via credit card. Need help managing debt? Schedule an appointment with one of our financial coaches or check out the online resources in our Money & Beyond portal.