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Spending Money Video

Does your child think in terms of needs and wants? Everyone has to make choices about what to buy because they can’t have everything they want. Gather the family around for this month’s video and learn about ways to get a healthy spending mindset.

Budgeting Basics Video

Budgeting is a skill you can find value in during all stages of your life’s journey. But as you begin putting your budget together, you might be asking yourself what all do you need to include in your spending plan? Our Budgeting Basics video shows what types of expenses to include when keeping track of your money.

Grocery Shopping Maze Activity

How many times have you had to tell your kids “no” or “maybe next time” at the store? Our Shopping Maze activity is a great way to interact with your kids on the importance sticking to a list when shopping.

U.S. Mint Games

Did you know the United States Mint offers free online games for kids? Get funny with money and enrich your child’s knowledge about the different types of currency through these free online educational games.

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