New technology implemented to fight against ATM fraud

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With apologies for any inconveniences experienced during the upgrade process, we’re proud to announce that our Call Federal ATMs are now equipped with ActivEdge™ card readers, a new kind of technology that helps prevent the most common type of ATM fraud: skimming.

Now, rather than asking you to dip the short edge of your card into the machine and quickly remove it, Call Federal ATMs will prompt you to insert the long edge and leave your card in the machine for the duration of the transaction. Although it’s a small change, this 90-degree twist in how you use your card makes a big difference in helping protect you against fraudsters stealing your financial information.

Using an ActivEdge™ Anti-Skimming Card Reader

According to the industry leaders at ATM Marketplace, 98% of all financial losses at ATMs around the world in 2015 resulted from skimming. Fraudsters used card skimming devices to illegally collect financial data from the magnetic stripe of credit, debit and ATM cards. Since they’re specifically designed to look like the card readers you typically find in ATMs, at gas pumps, and retail stores, these card skimmers are hard to see, sometimes completely unnoticeable. Thieves place them over existing readers to harvest card data, then retrieve them and download the card data to commit further acts of fraud.

Unfortunately, if you own ATMs or offer debit and credit cards, you are in a constant battle against these criminals and their information stealing devices. Call Federal is not alone in this; fortunately, we have great partners like Diebold. They created the ActivEdge reader to deter fraudsters & their skimming devices. One of our favorite features when it comes to ActivEdge is that you no longer have to insert your card twice (i.e., double-dip) when initiating a transaction at our ATMs. These readers are compatible with EMV chips, enhancing that additional security layer.

At Call Federal, protecting your money and your personal information is our highest priority. As another Safe & Secure September comes to a close, we’re proud to unveil this latest technology upgrade, but assure you that we will never stop looking for ways to improve our security measures, especially when it comes to safeguarding your financial data.

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