Fraud Ring Targets Richmond Area ATMs

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In the interest of protecting both our members and our community, Call Federal is working with law enforcement to address a series of crimes committed using area ATMs.

What Is ‘Skimming’?

During a “skimming” attack, fraudsters will attach small card-reading devices into these machines. Tiny cameras are also typically involved, giving them access to PINs as well as card numbers. We are encouraging everyone who frequently uses ATMs or has visited one recently to monitor their accounts closely for unauthorized transactions.

Protect Yourself

Call Federal highly recommends approaching all area ATMS, including our own, with added caution. Carefully examine the card slot before beginning your transaction. Common signs of tampering include difficulty inserting a card or the card sitting loose (rather than secured) in the slot during the transaction. Avoid hidden cameras by covering your PIN entry with your other hand. Visit the links below for additional resources on what to look out for and other ways to prevent identity theft. If any Call Federal members have recently completed an ATM transaction where something seemed out of the ordinary, please call our Member Support team at 804-274-1200 and notify us of your concern.

man inserting card into ATMsmall image with padlock, credit card and keyboard

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