Online Banking Log-In FAQ's

Is this your first time signing on?

USER ID: Your user ID is the same as the user logon in Home Banking. Please note that if you use your account number as your user logon and it’s less than six digits, you will need to add  “leading zeros“ to the number. (exe: account number 123 = user ID 000123; account number 56789 = user ID 056789)

PASSWORD: For your first log-in since 8/5/17, you will need to use the temporary password. Your temporary password is the last six numbers in the primary account holder’s social security number.

IDENTITY VERIFICATION PHONE NUMBER:  During the set-up process you will be asked to select or enter a phone numbers to receive a call or text message to validate your identity.  If you see any phone numbers that are incorrect you can update those in your profile under settings.  It’s best to have a mobile phone number on your account because you typically have this with you including times you are away from home or work.

Are you having issues receiving the text message alert?

Some cellphone plans don’t allow “premium alerts”. Contact your service provider (Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon) to see if there is a change that can be made to allow them. Alternatively, within Online Banking, you can choose to receive the alert via phone call, rather than text message.

Are you attempting to log-in between Midnight and 6:00 a.m.?

System updates may be performed during this period.  They typically last no longer than an hour.  Please try again later.

Have you tried unsuccessfully 3 or more times?

After three attempts, you will be locked out of the system and will need to reset your password or contact a Call Federal representative during regular business hours, either in-branch or over the phone.  If you reset your own password you will not be able to reuse a previous password. If you call in or visit a branch we will validate your identity then reset your password. This standard security measure ensures that would-be thieves and hackers won’t gain access to your account with continued attempts at guessing your password.

Are you unable to reset your password?

If you select “Reset Password” and the option does not allow you to reset your password, you have not set up your challenge questions or verified a phone number in the new online banking system.  Please try the instructions above for first-time users or contact us during business hours to reset your password.