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Fee Transparency

At Call Federal, we care about transparency and service to our members. We created this resource to explain our Fee Schedule so that members can avoid fees in the future and improve their financial health.

Checking Accounts

Check Copy: This is a request initiated by a member for a copy of a check they have written. It is a fee per check/item requested.

How to Avoid:  Check copies are available for free online within that last 12 months.

Check Order: This is a request initiated by a member for a new box of personalized checks. The cost is dependent upon the design that the member selects.

How to Avoid:  Our basic carbon copy checks are free for Members with eStatements or Members who have a Call Federal Visa credit card.

Stop Payment: This is a request initiated by a member to stop payment on a check they have written.  

Stop Payment – Consecutive Numbers: This is a request initiated by a member to stop payment on multiple consecutively numbered checks that have typically been lost or stolen. It is a one-time fee for the request multiple consecutively numbered checks vs. charging for each check. If the checks were stolen there is no fee assessed. 

Temporary Checks: Temporary checks are checks provided by the credit union (Commerce Rd. Branch Only) for a checking account holder while the personalized checks are created. 

Electronic Bill Payment

Stop Payment: When a member requests to stop payment on a scheduled payment to a bill paid through Call Federal’s Bill Pay in Home Banking.  Not all ACH Bill Payments can be stopped. 

Third Party Investigation: Investigating a bill payment dispute.

Savings Account

Below Minimum Balance (Money Marketing Savings Accounts only): As stated in the Truth-In-Savings Disclosure, a minimum balance of $10,000.00 must be maintained to avoid the monthly service fee. This is based off of the average daily balance in account over the month.

Excessive Withdrawal: Federal regulations limits types of withdrawals from savings or money market accounts.  We classify the transactions that are limited as "couch" transactions - if they can be done without leaving your couch there is a limit of six per month (e.g. ACH, calls to a member service representative, online banking).  Automatic transfer payments for Call Federal loans from savings are not included.

Other Service Fees (Applicable to All Accounts)

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) / Overdraft Fee: This applies to transactions on a member’s account when there are not enough funds in the account to cover the transaction amount. Transactions include checks, ATM withdrawals, courtesy pay, and all other electronic debits. This is known as overdrawing the account.

How to Avoid:  Consider a Convenience Account Line  to cover overdrafts

Returned Deposited Items; Member – Liability: When a check is returned that is written on the member’s account from another financial institution, a fee is charged per returned check.

Returned Deposited Items; Third Party: When a check payable to our member, written by someone else, is returned. The member is charged a fee for each returned check.

How to Avoid:  Consider taking the check to the bank it is has been written off from.

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Stop Payment or Revocation of Authorization: An ACH is an electronic item that comes through your account. Stop payment is one time authorization. Revocation is a permanent stop on any future payments on a previously set up ACH.

Account Reconciliation and Research: At the member’s request, Call Federal compares their records with our records to find discrepancies on the account. Research fees are charged when Call Federal must research member records at their request or at the request of a law enforcement or court order. The fee is charged per hour with a one hour minimum. 

Teller Check: A teller check is a check guaranteed by the credit union, drawn on the credit union’s own funds, and signed by a teller. A fee is charged per check requested by a member.

Dormant Account – 12 months with no financial activity: After 12 months of no activity on a member’s account, a quarterly fee will be charged to the account. Waived if account balance is $100 or greater, accounts with an IRA, or accounts where the primary member is 21 years of age or younger.

Returned Mail: A fee charged when mail is returned to Call Federal due to the member not updating their address information.  Examples of returned mail include statements, debit cards or credit cards.

How to Avoid: Contact Call Federal to update address over phone, in person or online.

Statement Copy: This is a request initiated by a member for a copy of a monthly statement.  Each month requested incurs a fee. 

How to Avoid: At some point in the year, consider filing the last 12 months of statements. 

Excessive Account Number Reassignment: If a new account number needs to be assigned per the members request more than one time per year.

Excessive Plastic Card Replacement: If more than two (2) debit/ATM cards are requested annually to replace lost or damaged cards.

ATM/POS Transactions at Foreign ATMs Except CU24/CUHERE Terminal: Any ATMs that are not owned by Call Federal are considered “foreign” and will incur a fee per transaction, except for those ATMs in the CU24/CUHERE network.

How to Avoid: Also consider WaWa and Sheetz no fee ATMs.

Wire Transfer: Domestic- Incoming: Funds wired (electronically transferred) to your Call Federal account from another institution within the United States.

Wire Transfer: Domestic- Outgoing: Funds wired (electronically transferred) from your Call Federal account to another institution within the United States.

Wire Transfer: International – Incoming: Funds wired (electronically transferred) to your Call Federal account from a financial institution outside of the United States.

Foreign Funds Collection: If you deposit a check (not in U.S. funds) in your Call Federal account from a foreign financial institution outside the United States, a fee will be charged per item for special processing.

Account Collection: For negative account charge-offs. Fee added to amount charged off and reported to consumer reporting agency.

Lien, Levy & Garnishment Processing: A lien, levy or garnishment is a legal process that allows a creditor to remove funds from your Call Federal account to satisfy a debt you have not paid. This fee is to process that legal order.

Visa Debit Card Reactivation: If you have not opted-in to allow Call Federal to charge overdraft fees related to ATM/Debit card transactions, your card will be blocked after 3 instances of overdraws related to the ATM/Debit Card.  Call Federal charges a fee to reactivate your card because overdraft fees were not assessed. 

How to Avoid: Consider opting in with your debit card.

Payments Online or by Telephone with Debit or Credit Card: Payment to a Call Federal loan online or by telephone using any debit or credit card will incur a fee per transaction.

Customizable Visa Debit Card: To customize your Visa Debit Card with a picture or image, you will be charged $5.00 per card.

View our Fee Schedule.