Below is the MONEY & BEYOND course catalog.  Let us know if you would like to bring our programs to your employer or community organization.

What’s Your Money Personality?

Kicking off our conversation about money, this fun & interactive session discusses our habits and attitudes around money. Understanding our financial identity creates a framework to reach our financial goals.

Understanding Credit Reports

Get the lowdown on credit reports, from how to acquire, evaluate, and monitor them, as well as your rights pertaining to them. Learn about credit scores and why having a good one is essential to your financial wellbeing.

Improving Your Credit

Armed with the essentials of credit reports, this follow-up course will show participants a number of positive next steps to take that will enable them to improve their credit and take full control of their finances moving forward.

Preventing Identity Theft

Deal with the biggest downside of our digital world with this seminar on cyber-security. Gain actionable knowledge to protect yourself against identity theft and as well as learn what to do if your identity is stolen.

Happy Home Buying

Search confidently for your new home knowing what you can afford and how to prepare for hidden costs. We’ll discuss choosing an agent, making a great offer, and how to avoid common first-time buying mistakes.

Car Buying With Confidence

Learn the benefits of preapproval, best practices for online research and what to look for while test driving. We’ll also share our favorite negotiating tips and ways to prevent negative equity in your car.

Better Living Through Spending Plans

Stay in control of your finances by creating a spending plan that works for you, including saving for the future and emergencies, but also allows you to have more fun now. We’ll show you how!

The Power of Periodic Savings

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “pay yourself first” and thought it was just about retirement. This course demonstrates how it can also be a powerful mindset for reaching your short- and long-term savings goals.

Financial Planning Basics

Everyone can benefit from a plan that is tailored to individual needs. A financial roadmap can motivate you to save money, help you meet your financial goals, and improve your overall financial security.

Retirement Income Planning

No one wants to outlive their money. This workshop provides tips to reduce that risk, along with secrets to tax-efficient investing, and the importance of reviewing all of your income sources.

SCORE! The Interactive Financial Education boardgame

Not sure a full workshop is right for your group or organization? Perhaps SCORE! The Financial Education boardgame developed by the Credit Unions Care Foundation is a fun and engaging way to present the elements of credit scores, apply them to real-life scenarios, and share teachable moments as players try to earn the highest score and win.