Counseling for All Life Stages

Walking Down the Financial Aisle

Whether you’re saying “I do” or “let’s live together & get joint bank accounts”, your new “Home Sweet Home” should probably start with a review your credit reports & financial goals. Understanding each other’s individual “Money Personality“ will give you a better shot at harmony, as we know that finances are a leading source of conflict in marriages. Our Certified Credit Counselors are here to help you reach your goals and build your financial future together.

Finance for Growing Families

Planned or not, babies change everything, even our finances. Before your bundle of joy arrives, let us help you review your expenses and financial goals. It’s never too early to plan for child-related costs, from daycare to college tuition. And a spending plan that takes into account all of the needs of your growing family will help build or maintain a good credit rating, should you need to borrow in the future.

Breaking Up without Breaking Your Credit

Divorce can strain even the most financially stable among us. We’ll help you develop a new spending plan that protects your assets while allowing for the things that are most important to you. And while your divorce decree may require your ex to share the debts you accrued together, unpaid debts may appear on both individuals’ credit reports. Our trained counselors can prepare you for this and other issues you’ll face while starting over.

Caring for Aging Parents

Is it time to take care of the ones that took care of you? Caring for an aging parent can be both emotionally and financially challenging. Understanding your own expenses and spending will be vital to taking on whatever additional responsibilities, financial or otherwise, that come with providing or organizing care for a loved one. Let us help you navigate this path as you do for your parents what they once did for you.

Call Federal demonstrates its award-winning commitment to your financial health at all stages of life by training more of our staff to be Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors than any other institution in the area. To learn more about this program or to schedule an appointment, visit or send email to [email protected]