Mobile Deposit Guide

Mobile Deposit is a free service offered to Call Federal members that allows you to deposit checks via the our mobile banking app. In this brief guide, we’ll share the answers to some commonly asked questions about mobile deposit.

How do I use Mobile Deposit?

First, you must endorse the back of your check and print “For Mobile Deposit at Call Federal” or “For MDC at CFCU”. This specific language was mandated by the Federal Reserve in July 2018. 

While logged into your mobile banking app, locate and click the “Deposit” button, then click New Deposit. Select the “Amount” space and enter the amount of your check. Double-check that you have entered your check amount correctly and then click Continue.

Prepare your deposit by making sure your check lays flat and isn’t folded or mutilated. When prompted, take a picture of the front of the check. Make sure the image is clear and that all four corners of the check are within the guidelines. Submit, then take a picture of the back. You may deposit multiple checks during a session; you will need to repeat this process for each deposited check.

Once completed, your deposit will be processed and you will be notified if it has been approved or rejected .

When will my deposit show in my account?

Your deposit may appear the next business day. Keep in mind, Federal Reserve holidays may cause a delay. Business days are Monday through Friday; the daily cut-off time for deposits is 4:30 PM EST.

What if my check is rejected?

You will be notified and given a reason as to why your deposit has been rejected. If you’re unable to deposit your check via mobile deposit, please visit one of our convenient branch locations or call 1-800-796-2328 for further assistance.

Does mobile deposit have any restrictions?

Mobile deposits are limited to $5000 per 24 hour period, regardless of how many individual checks or separate transactions are involved.

What Checks Are Not Suitable/Will Not Be Accepted via Mobile Deposit?

The following items will not be accepted when sent through mobile deposit:

  • Checks over $5,000
  • Checks made payable to someone other than you
  • Third-party checks
  • Items issued or drawn off a financial institution located outside of the United States
  • Items not in US currency
  • Checks drawn off of your Call Federal account
  • Altered or incomplete checks
  • Checks requiring an authorization
  • Stale or post-dated checks
  • Starter or counter checks
  • No travelers checks, AMEX Gift Cheques, money orders, or savings bonds
  • Previously negotiated checks
  • Checks previously converted to substitute checks

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