Visa® Credit Cards

Some people say that “cash is king” but there are plenty of times when the right credit card, one with low rates and fees, can be far more convenient, even rewarding. At Call Federal, we’re happy to offer the following credit cards to our members.

**Instant Issuance Now Available! Apply for any Call Federal Visa and get your card the day the decision is made. No more waiting a week or two for your card to arrive. Good for card replacement, too!

Credit Card Options

For A Rewarding Experience

Our featured credit card offering, the Call Federal Visa Platinum Rewards card has a low variable rate of 11.75%, plus you earn uChoose Rewards points with every purchase. Cell phone protection insurance is also included. A great rate for purchases & balance transfers, no annual fee, plus rewards & other perks. Get yours today!

For Casual or Novice Credit Users

If you’re the type to only use credit for special occasions or small emergencies, or perhaps you’re still establishing your credit history, the Call Federal Visa Platinum card could be perfect for you. Featuring a low non-variable rate of 12.00%, no annual fee, and no balance transfer fees, there’s a lot to love about this card for a wide range of users.

For Those Looking To Rebuild Credit

If you’ve experienced setbacks in your credit history, our Platinum Secured card could be an important part of a greater plan to get back on track. Call Federal offers free one-on-one financial counseling through our branches. Be sure to ask if this product is right for you.

Credit Cards – At A Glance

Visa Platinum Visa Platinum Rewards Visa Platinum Secured
Interest Rate 12.00% APR* 11.75% APR*
18.00% APR*
Annual Fee No Annual Fee No Annual Fee $30 Annual Fee
Balance Transfer
None None N/A
Additional Features Visa Purchase Alerts
Visa Account Updater
Auto Collision Damage Waiver
$250k Travel Accident Insurance
uChoose Rewards
Cell Phone Protection
Visa Purchase Alerts
Visa Account Updater
Auto Collision Damage Waiver
$1mil Travel Accident Insurance
Secured by deposit
for borrowers looking to
build or repair credit

Auto Collision Damage Waiver
$250k Travel Accident Insurance


For 24/7 VISA assistance, account information, Visa credit lost or stolen and PIN reset, call: 1-866-643-1258 (domestic) or 1-571-325-3383 (international).

Current Call Federal Visa credit card holders: Limit increases are now being handled on an expedited basis. To request a spending limit increase, please 804-274-1200 or submit your request online.

Important Notice about Fraud Alerts:
If you have a Visa Credit Card with the credit union, we offer a service to protect you from identity theft. Our card processor, Fiserv, will try to contact you if they suspect fraud is occurring on your account. They do this by continuously monitoring suspicious activity on your account. To avoid your card being blocked when you travel, please let us know beforehand so we can note your account. Also be sure to keep the credit union up to date with your most current phone numbers so we are able to contact you as soon as we notice any suspicious activity. Fiserv will not ask for your PIN number or CVV code; however, they may ask for your card number or other information to verify your identity. If you are unsure you can call 866-643-1258.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The APR is current as of October 13, 2019. Membership required.

**The rate may change quarterly. A fee will be imposed for all foreign transactions (1.00% of each transaction in US dollars. Qualification is based on an assessment of individual creditworthiness and our underwriting standards. All Credit Union loan programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Call us at 1-800-796-2328 or locally at 804-274-1200 for current rates, terms and conditions.

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