Welcome RiverTrace Members

Following the affirmative vote at the special meeting held on October 30, 2019 it is our honor and privilege to welcome all RiverTrace members to Call Federal Credit Union. We look forward to our combined organization delivering on our shared purpose, helping members improve their financial health.  With that in mind, as of February 3, 2020 RiverTrace members will have full access to the following:

Merger FAQ’s

If there are any questions we haven’t covered, please give us a call at 804-274-1200.

Which debit card should I use?

You will receive your Call Federal debit card by January 30, 2020; however, you will continue to use your RiverTrace debit card through February 2, 2020 and switch to your new Call Federal debit card on February 3, 2020.

What will happen to my account number?

There is no need to memorize a new number.  Your Call Federal account number will be your RiverTrace number with ‘4444’ added to the beginning.

How will I make a loan payment?

As with RiverTrace, you can make payments in person at a branch, by phone, by mail or through Online Banking.  RiverTrace’s online payment portal, powered by CalliPay, will no longer be available after February 3, 2020. Call Federal offers a similar service [HERE] with a service fee of $9.95 if you use a debit or credit card.; for payments using an outside checking account and routing number, no fee is assessed.  Please note that you will need to call  804-274-1200 first to be enrolled in this payment service. To make payments from your new Call Federal account, please enroll with Online Banking, visit a branch or call 804-274-1200.

What happens to my RiverTrace credit card?

Good news, nothing to change here just yet. Credit cards will be converted later in 2020.  You can continue to use and make payments on your RiverTrace credit card as you have in the past.

Will my direct deposit still go through?

Yes, direct deposits will continue to flow into your new Call Federal account.  However, at some point the RiverTrace routing number will be retired so we encourage you to update your direct deposit.  You can use our form [Direct Deposit Form] to contact the appropriate organization with your account number and the new Call Federal routing number.

What will happen with my CD rate?

The rates on any existing RiverTrace CDs will remain until that CD matures.  At that time the money will be deposited into your Call Federal savings account.  If you would like to renew under our current rates, please visit any branch to set that up.

What will happen to the existing RiverTrace branch?

The branch will remain open as a branch of Call Federal and all the smiling faces you have come to know are staying with Call Federal (although possibly at different locations). Check out our other locations available to you after February 3, 2020.

Will online banking or mobile banking change?

RiverTrace online and mobile banking (Sprig) will no longer be active after January 31 at 3:00PM.  On February 3, you will be able to enroll in Call Federal online and mobile banking.  You can do this from the Call Federal website (Online Banking).  Once you have enrolled you can down the Call Federal mobile app (Apple/Google Play). Your log-in for online banking and mobile banking will be the same once enrolled.

What if I already have a Call Federal account?

Unless you close your RiverTrace account prior to January 31, it will be converted into a Call Federal account on the weekend of February 1.  Leaving you with two accounts at Call Federal.  Once the conversion is complete (February 3), you can visit any branch at your convenience to have them combined.

What happens to the payments I set up in Bill Pay?

RiverTrace Bill Pay will no longer be active after January 31 at 3:00PM. Once you enroll in online banking (see above) you will need to set-up all recurring payments again.

How can I access my past e-statements?

Once RiverTrace online banking is decommissioned, you will no longer have access to those e-statements. However, you can call Call Federal or visit a branch for a copy of your e-statements from the past year to be printed or emailed to you at no cost.

Will I still be able to use the credit union service centers?

Yes. Call Federal also participates in the Credit Union Service Centers shared branching network.  Locations can be found on our website [HERE]. Shared branching will not be available to RiverTrace Members beginning 3:00pm on Friday, January 31 and on Saturday, February 1, but will be available for use on Monday February 3 with new Call Federal member numbers.

What ATMs can I access?

Call Federal participates in a nationwide network of convenient ATM’s through CUliance. Use our ATM Locator to find a surcharge-free ATM near you.

Are fees different at Call Federal?

We believe you will find our fee schedule favorable as much as fees can be. Most notably, our overdraft or non-sufficient fund fee is $30 compared to $35 with RiverTrace. Check out our full Fee Schedule and use the “i” to see tips on how to avoid them.