Webinar Center

Welcome to the Call Federal Webinar Center.  Our on-demand webinars bring financial health to you on your schedule.

Resolve to Be Financially Healthy

We believe there are three essential principles that lead to financial health, these are the foundation of our Money & Beyond program. If you’ve resolved to get out of debt or save more, join us for this online workshop. We’ll demonstrate how creating self-awareness, understanding the fundamentals and going beyond can lead to the financial life you want.

Improving Your Credit

Get the lowdown on credit reports, from how to acquire, evaluate, and monitor them. Then armed with these essentials, this course will show you a number of positive next steps to take that will enable you to improve their credit and take full control of your finances moving forward.


The Power of Periodic Savings

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “pay yourself first” and thought it was just about retirement. This course demonstrates how it can also be a powerful mindset for reaching your short- and long-term savings goals.


Protect Your Identity and Finances

Learn practical tips to protect yourself against identity theft and what to do if your identity is stolen. This free workshop will be lead by Call Federal’s Vice President of Risk Management, J.T. Blau.


Happy Home Buying

Search confidently for your new home knowing what you can afford and how to prepare for hidden costs. We’ll discuss choosing an agent, making a great offer, and how to avoid common first-time buying mistakes.


Car Buying with Confidence

Learn the benefits of preapproval, best practices for online research and what to look for while test driving. We’ll also share our favorite negotiating tips and ways to prevent negative equity in your car.